Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Out with the Old- In with the New

Ok.... Spray Paint is everywhere lately, especially in my dreams..... I think about it all the time. I have been trying to do a few projects around the house (trying is the key word) to spice things up a little. I bought some new pots, and didn't want to break the bank so..... I opted for the plastic terra cotta pots at Home Depot, not sure yet what I wanted to do with them. After some thought here is what I came up with. I'm in LOVE..(don't tell my HUBBY he thinks he's the only one in my life. haha) Here's How...

start with a pot old or new it can be anything seriously!! I bought these this year since I recieved my only pots 5 years ago and they are quite small. I paid $25 each I dont think that is bad for the size. Let me know if you find any cheaper.

Step 1. Clean Clean Clean!!

(as you can see mine were pretty dirty!) I washed mine in my sink SICK!
Step 2. Prime!!

(note: If you are spraying plastic which I was you need to use plastic primer. I use
RUST-OLEUM Plastic Primer. By doing this it allows you to paint over it with whatever color you want! Make sure you do 2-3 thin layers it will go on a lot more even and you wont get any drips!
Step 3: And I dont have a pic of this paint your pot white. I used Rust-oleum white gloss.

Step 4: No pic again(I SUCK!) You can do this many ways I am lazy so I used round lables in different sizes. You could go many routes stencils, by hand.... You guys are creative!!

Step 5: Hire some HELP!! Paint your color !!!

I used (Rust-Oleum Gloss Sun Yellow) Yellow makes me HAPPY!!

"He thinks he can do it better and faster!! haha I let him."
Step 6: Peel of the labels.

Ok I am not going to pretend like this was lickity split! (WHAT)!! First pot BAM! Second pot what the h---!! While peeling off the labels it took some of my white paint with it. Have no fear I just sprayed some paint on a box and touched it up with a brush "NO BIGGY!" PS if you know why that may have happened please tell. Not enough primer??? who knows??
Step 7: No pick again SHEESH!! Top Coat this needs to be an outdoor urethane coat I use this it can be found at your local hardware store. Again, use more coats less spray so you dont get any drips!! Dont forget it or it wont be water proof!! TADA!! They make me HAPPY!!
What is in the process of making you HAPPY today?? Please do tell!!

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